HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist specialising in the evidence-based treatment of sleep difficulties. I work online and in-person with young people, adults and older-adults. Steering group member of the Association of Clinical Psychologists in Sleep Medicine UK, and a member of the British Sleep Society, American Academy of Sleep Medicine and European Sleep Research Society. 

Clinical Practice

I help clients with a range of sleep-related difficulties, often involving persistent struggles where sleep-hygiene, alternative therapies, drug interventions and online self-help programmes have not provided a solution. I have developed expertise in this area over the past ten years, closely following progress in evidence-based practice. Reinstating and maintaining good sleep is a unique process for each individual. Clients may have a primary issue of unsatisfactory sleep, or more complex struggles involving co-occurring health and/or mental health issues.

I understand well the challenges that clients may have faced in finding appropriate help for sleep distress. I believe in the therapeutic relationship as integral to achieving better sleep for the longer-term, and I provide a compassionate and safe space to work collaboratively towards improved health and well-being.

I have experience providing training for NHS and independent health-care professionals and have been involved in developing and implementing sleep interventions across services for both staff and patients. I currently work in the NHS in a physical health setting. I see diverse patient groups and work with many individuals with cancer diagnoses.

Further training and experience includes: Advanced CBT-I, Sleep Medicine (European Sleep Research Society), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, ACT-based Mindfulness for Living, and Certified Mindfulness Practitioner Training.


Prior to clinical training at the University of Exeter, I completed an Economic and Social Research Council funded MSc + PhD programme at the University of Southampton, investigating insomnia symptoms in young adults, cognitive performance and emotional well-being. Using neurocognitive tests, the research explored associations between sleep, (mood and anxiety), and functions including attentional control, response inhibition and risky decision-making (e.g. Baker, L.D., Garner, M, & Baldwin, D.S., [2015]. Daytime intrusive thoughts and subjective insomnia symptoms. Psychiatry Research, 30, 1038-42).

More recently, my research has involved a systematic review of the current evidence-base for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as an intervention for poor-sleep, and a qualitative study to understand the lived experiences of participants in these 8-week programmes. I currently hold a voluntary position of Research Advisor at Dorset Mindfulness Centre.


Client Experiences

“Louise helped me come to terms and understand a challenging bout of insomnia. Initially desperate and frightened, through gentle and exploratory sessions she helped me work towards the root of the issue. Insomnia can make you feel so utterly helpless and exhausted. I’d tried every sleep aid going, before finally understanding and accepting that the most helpful tool I have was already in me. Louise is very understanding and thorough in her approach, she helped me get to a point that I could not believe was possible when we first met. I’m very grateful to have met her.”  (M)

‘The short course of treatment I had with Louise was an absolute revelation. After more than a decade’s chronic insomnia and reliance (or so I thought) on sedatives or other means to ‘make’ myself sleep, I was back to a pretty normal sleep pattern in a matter of months. Louise was kind, personable and articulate, and quickly pointed out the many things that I was doing / thinking that were causing the issues. She gave me a simple, bespoke structure to follow (much of which was at odds with the sleep hygiene rules pushed on to me over the years), and it worked absolute wonders for me. After years of searching, I’d finally found someone genuinely qualified to help me! It’s been at least nine months since my last treatment, and I’m happy to say my sleep patterns are still good, and show no signs of changing. I couldn’t recommend the treatment more highly; it was worth every single penny.’ (M)

 Most nights I would wake up with my mind churning and it would take me hours to return to sleep.  It got to the point that I was finding it hard to do my everyday tasks and withdrawing into myself. I’m usually an optimistic and happy person so I was rather confused as to what was happening to me. I had never been with a therapist before and was nervous and apprehensive, but Louise soon put me at ease and I was able to confide in her my internal thoughts and anxieties.  She helped me through this difficult time enabling me to reassess my values and have the confidence to stand by them…. talking about it was liberating and enabled me to find a way through the dark clouds. She shared techniques and adapted these to my personal requirements.  I now feel like a different person, sleeping through every night.  I am more self-confident and optimistic, much more like my old self, only this time I am better off, as I also know how to deal with my anxieties and not let them effect my sleep.  I certainly value the time Louise had for me and would recommend anyone with sleeping difficulties to find the confidence to speak with her. (F)

After numerous years of waking up at 2am I can finally sleep through the night. This is all thanks to Louise who, with her warm and calm manner helped me from day one. I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her to friends and family. (F)

I remain truly grateful for the work that we undertook together. Your skill, understanding, empathy and compassion restored my life to me. Even though I had descended to a very difficult place when we first met you were able to gain my trust from our first session through the deep knowledge you have of your subject. That, combined with your flexibility of approach gave me complete confidence to follow your recommendations. You provided me with the knowledge and tools to help myself and have given me confidence for the future. I feel so lucky to have found you when I did. You are an exceptional and dedicated practitioner. Thank you. (M)

I found working with Louise has been a real positive for me in terms of my sleep pattern. Louise has helped me look at my sleep pattern and consider it in a different way and essentially not become too hung up over-thinking sleep. The mindfulness practice that I am doing helps provide a calmness to my day. I still have my wobbles over sleep, but they are much less frequent.  (M)

I found Louise at a very difficult and pivotal time in my life in which issues with sleep, anxiety and self-image were holding me back from being able to pursue the things that make me happy. From the start she took a supportive yet practical approach to helping me overcome these issues. I found her kindness and positive attitude immensely calming… In the 10 weeks we worked together my sleep improved massively and I feel much more capable of tackling future sleep disturbances. I have had very few sleepless nights since and have gained around 90m minutes on average per night. Louise also helped a lot with my self image by talking through tough childhood experiences. If you are looking for a kind and solution-orientated therapist who uses her experience and knowledge to get to the heart of the issue rather than just treating symptoms, you can not go wrong with Louise. (M)



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